CHHN Semi-annual meeting and Medicine distribution, May 2014

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April 2014

Medicine received from Direct Relief

April 4th 2014, our organization: Cap-Haitien Health Network (CHHN) has been receiving a donation of medicine from Direct Relief, May 14 Ted Kaplan, Founder of CHHN accompanies his team with: Timothy Unrerwood of Hope One Source (HOS),  Ben Aubin of the Ayiti Soley and  Connor for the pharmacy inventory / pictogram label system implementation for the networks facilities.   May 17th was a formal semi-annual meeting of CHHN, with about 60 facilities representative there. The hospitals and the clinics representative was appreciated the new pharmacy label system inventory and eager for this system to develop in Haiti. 

Dr. Ted Kaplan with his team accompany CHHN country Director (Dr. Maudelin Mesadieu) together have visit and distributed medicine to about 10 facilities and the rest of the medicine has been distribute to 6 others facilities by Dr. Mesadieu and Mario and we still have 4 boxes if Rizartriptan Benzoate 10 mg in our office for Dr. Jim for his mental health mission trip to Ouanaminthe.

With the support of Direct Relief CHHN has been able to distribute medicine to a total of 17 Facilities in the Northern area. CHHN is very pleased to collaborate with Direct Relief to serve the needy.


Take a look of our semi-annual meeting:  This meeting has been take place at the Christophe Hotel.  All the facilities representative have explain their satisfaction to CHHN for enabling to all organizations, health facilities (clinics, health center, hospitals) to meet together, share together, to give free medicine and medical supplies and to know each other’s for a good communication, collaboration in North area, the privilege we did not have before CHHN in 2008.





The Medicine donation   received from Direct Relief




The facilities beneficiary list:





Hospital Fort-saint Michel 


Dr. Saint Martin

Phone: 36964584



Clinique medical Lutherien

Miss Jean Gurlene 

Phone: 36518188



Dr. Eugene Maklin


Clinique Medico Chirurgical (CMC)

Dr. Dugue Gessica



Dr. Sainvil Klaissaint


Clinique Baptiste de la Foie (CHILO)

  1. Dr. Registre St Hilaire

Phone: 43217224


Clinique LLEM

Pasteur Claude Saintil

Phone: 38704177


Dispensaire Bienfaisance de Danda

Pasteur Etienne Elima

Phone: 32434962


Centre de Sante de Limonade

Saul Luxon

Phone : 37456450

Mail :


Centre de Sante de Quartier Morin

Rody A. Gauthier

Phone : 36578683

Mail :


Clinique de Restauration

Dr. Wesly Pierre

Phone : 37678820


CDS de Fort-bourgeois de l’Unité de Lutte Pour la Santé (ULS)

Dr. Maudelin MESADIEU

Phone : 36384663


Clinique Communautaire de Fougerole

Dr. Saint Martin


Clinique de la pestaraxin



Centre de Sante Porte Ouverte



Clinique Medicale Soaring de Pistere




Maudelin MESADIEU, MD, Country Director Cap-Haitian Health Network



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