Clinique Medico Churirgical of Dr. Guy Dugue

Posted: February 14, 2012 by Cap Haitien Health Network in Uncategorized

On Jan. 27th, we had the chance to find out what that nice clinic many of us pass by on the way west out of Cap is all about. It is labeled “Clinique Medico Churirgical” and I always assumed it was a private outpatient surgery center. Well it is…and it isn’t.

It is operated by Dr. Guy Dugue, who has practice in the area for over 25 years, in Cap and at this clinic. The clinic is actually a community clinic for the poor, empahasizing family planning, prenatal care, and general medicine and pediatrics, supported by USAID, MSPP, and PEPFAR. Dr. Dugue works there as well as his daugher Gaelle, who is a nurse trained at Justinian Hospital’s nursing school. His other daughter, Gessica, who completed medical school and internship in the DR, also helps him for now, as well as a staff of nurses, nurses aids, lab techs, an administrator, and a pharmacy person. Things are well organized and professional.

At the clinic, they have placed 2000 norplants, they do HIV testing and treatment, they do vasectomies and tubal ligations, and do recurring mobile clinics in the remote areas of Balan, Duty, and Gileron.

We provide 6 hemostats and later in the week were able to give a donated autoclave, after their autoclave finally gave out after 20 years!!

Dr. Dugue welcomes assistance from visiting teams and supporting organizations to work with him in this important work.

Ted Kaplan, MD


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